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Keep Betting Fair

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Horse racing is a competition based performance sports that include two or more horses that are ridden by jockey over a set distance. Moreover, this unique sports represents one of the oldest sports that has been popular even in ancient times. This sport is based on simplicity because it is based on seeing which of the horses will run faster to the finish line on the course or the specific race distance.



Many people that are new in the horse racing sports are not that aware that the format of the horse races can vary from region to region. Moreover, certain countries have even developed their horse racing format. Their traditional horse racing variations can include modifications such as restricting the contest for certain races and breeds only, running over obstacles (cross-country), running over different distances (typically a mile, mile and a quarter, mile and an 8th, mile and a 16th), running on different track surfaces and running in different gaits.



Although there are still horse races that are purely for sports and fun, the reality is that this sport has become a significant economic and gambling source. Moreover, horse racing represents one of the most profitable sports in today’s betting world. That can be confirmed by the simple fact that this is an activity that in 2008 had a worldwide market worth around US$115 billion.Bettors have been increasing their stakes in horse racing since they can also use handicapper which is one who assigns weights for a handicap race and makes selections based on past performances.




Horse racing is not like any other sports. The reasoning behind this claim is that most of the sports are organized for sporting purposes. And then bets are placed on the certain outcomes in the game. On the other side, horse racing is a sport that was partially designated for the sole purpose of the organizers wagering on the outcome between the competing horses.
However, Betting on horse racing is much more than a simple profit-driven industry. On the contrary, betting on ponies provides a major thrill and contributes to the overall wellbeing of the sport. That is based on the fact that the money generated by tracks and by online wagering firms go back into the sport. 



In today’s digital age, the internet can provide the average bettor with a broad spectrum of valuable tools that can help you to place your bets more professionally. The ultimate results of these add-ons can significantly increase your chance of betting success. These guides are also valuable elements that can simplify your betting experience by breaking down the basics and to understand the more advanced betting options. In simple words, you should learn the meanings of the odds before heading in the more advanced betting models such as handicapping horses. Furthermore, by understanding the odds, you will be able to create a clear picture of your potential earnings.


To place a bet on horse racing, you will need an online betting account with funds. That is probably the most simple thing in the whole process. Next, it is advised that you pick up some essential tips from other bettors that have a success record in the betting world. Combined with that, our guides can optimize your horse-racing knowledge. Therefore, you will have the skills, ability, and confidence to place winning horse racing wagers.
After all, betting on horses is not just something to have fun with. But it is also about having the best chance for success rather than making a simple betting guess. That means that even bettors that do not have professional or insider knowledge can edge ahead in the prospect of earning with horse race betting. Finding and using the right information is another factor that can help you in that process.

Here are some basic stats that are always current and you should always consider them before placing a horse betting wager.


Laying on horses is another concept that you need to explore as part of your betting education. On that note, it is important to emphasize that when you place a lay bet on a horse, you’re betting that the horse won’t win an event. Moreover, if any other horse ends the race as the winner, then you have a winning bet on your hand

Also, the more unpredictable the race is, the more likely is for you to win your bets. In simple words, a race that includes unpredictability with short odds on the favourites is the best proposition for lay betting.

A profitable option is to lay the favourite for a race. This is based on the fact that the odds will offer the best value and you have a greater statistical chance of winning a lay bet than a back bet. The overall reasoning behind this is that any other horse in the field can win the event for your bet to be successful. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that it can be tempting to place lay bets on all horse races. However, it’s important to realize that some horse races offer better lay betting opportunities than others. Ideally, you need to look for any race with an outcome that’s difficult to predict. But that’s also likely to produce several short odds favourites at the top of the betting markets.

A lower odds on the race favouritesusually results with a lower liability generated by the lay bets. The more unpredictable the race is, the more likely the lay bets are to win. Therefore, a race that combines unpredictability with short odds on the favourites is the best option for lay betting.



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