Horse racing lay betting – What You Need to Know About the Type of Horse Races

The prospect of horseracing lay betting represents a challenge for many novice bettors. Moreover, with the amount betting options and races, some of the new punters can feel overwhelmed.After all, too many choices can result ina headache about what is the best betting option at the moment. That is why new and professional bettors need to be aware of the characteristics and types of horse races out there. Therefore, the Brokerstorm team of betting experts once again created a professional guide about what to look at specific horse races for betting purposes.

I – Race Type – Juvenile
The juvenile races are often described as the most unpredictable for horse racing lay betting. The reasoning behind this is the fact that most horses are two years old and they prepare for their 3rd season. Moreover, during that season, these horses go through a process of major fluctuations in form and temperament. Therefore, the ultimate result is that these races to produce upset winners. So many of the punters are often on the benefiting side due to low odds on these horses in the lay betting markets.

II – Race Type – Sprints
The Sprints races are the most popular worldwide when it comes to betting. Also, they are known as  ‘cavalry charges’ due to their fast and chaotic nature. However, these races are among the most difficult to predict even for the most experienced punters.

On a positive note, these races often produce short-odds favourites who rarely go on to win. Therefore, the Brokerstorm advice is to try and find sprints featuring large fields since those are the most unpredictable for horse racing lay betting.

III – Race Type – International thoroughbred races
These are the world most attractive races that enjoy a high level of prestige and class. Moreover, for betting purposes, these are the races that routinely produce upset winners. Some of the well known international races the Hong Kong Cup, Melbourne Cup, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and many others. However, bettors need to aware that these races are seen as very speculative betting markets.

IV – Race Type – Handicaps
For betting purposes, the handicap races are attractive to punters since favourites are unlikely to win with handicaps. However, you will need to be aware since the favourites may be priced at high odds and result in significant liability on lay bets.

V – Race Type – Early Races For 3-Years Old & Novice Races
The novice races are the ones that many punters try to avoid. Their justification is that these are race is simply the most challenging to call. Also, bettors have little data on record on which they can create a betting strategy. Markets are also very speculative when it comes to these races and bookies can rarely predict the finishing order in a race with any accuracy.As for the early season for the 3 years old is, it is safe to say that is is another factor of uncertainty. One significant reason is that punters only have two years of data and stats which is not enough for many professional bettors.

The Bottom Line
On a conclusive note, it is safe to say that the different types of horse races offer a different level of risks. That is why, every new and advanced bettor must be aware of the type of risks, advantages, and disadvantages that some of the races have. By knowing these details, the bettors can increase the chances for success when it comes to horse racing lay betting

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